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Try to feel the beautiful Jeju

游客 向往的 自由行

天, 地 , 人 完美 相融之地
天空, 海洋之美与静谧的济州岛 融为一体
用自己的亲身体验与详尽的解说, 来与您分享济州岛的名胜之美
尽享 "遇见您心中的济州岛", 同时为尊贵的客人提供优质服务,如乐享入场券折扣服
务, 以及为您介绍济州岛的传统美食店等
我们尽心为您服务, 让您安心乐享济州岛之旅。

Enjoy pleasantly jeju Free travel

Experience the unity with the Jeju Island of Beautiful Place where heaven, earth and human being are one.
Our Jeju Tourist Travel Agency has had various experience for 15 years.
And Middle east professional tourist interpreter will satisfy you with rich experience and
detailed description about beautiful sights of the Jeju Island
Also, we provide introduction of restaurants in Jeju Island in addition to discounting on
sightseeing spot admission fee(10~25%) for your precious memories.
A tour guide certified driving tour guideYou can make your own itinerary as you like

Jeju private free Tour

Types English or Chinese Guide price
NORMAL TAXI 1~4 pax 200,000 KRW
MINI VAN 4~10 pax 250,000 KRW
MINI BUS 11~25 pax 600,000 KRW
BUS 26~40 pax 700,000 KRW


Excluded serivces

- Admission fee. Lunch

Included serivces

- Vehicle, Fuel, Parking fee, Driver, Hotel pickup and drop off

Other Extra charge

-If you want to tracel from East to South and west in a day extra 30,000KRW needed


Half day tour price

NORMAL TAXI 1~4 pax 120,000 KRW(4 hours)
MINI VAN 4~10 pax 170,000 KRW(4 hours)

How To Booking

Please inform us about the following when doing your booking
- you can check more details on my website you have to give us the exact
information about your number of people and your hotel
- when you book the jeju taxi
1. Complete your booking
- you can book on booking page no need to pay just subscribe
2. Check your email and WhatsApp number
- Once your booking process made,
- Confirmation message will be sent to you within 24 hours.
- Then, your reservation will be secured and confirmed
  Whatsapp +82 10 9878 6991
LINE jeju6991
KAKAO kd6991
※ Professional & well- experienced driving tour guide
※ you can make your own itinerary as you want
※ you could go where you want to go